Zonta Club of Porterville and Porterville High School Z Club members bring message of support to campus


The Zonta Club of Porterville has been a constant and strong supporter of their local crisis center as most of the clients are female victims of domestic violence. The shelter is very well run and helps, on an average 400 women and children. The victims are often asked to draw and write messages on the T-shirts, as a tool of emotional release.

Porterville High School Z Club members borrowed the T-shirts from the crisis shelter and hung them on the quad during the lunch hour. The Z club advisors at the campus were present to help set up and answer questions from the students and other teachers who visited the display.

Members of the Zonta Club of Porterville, believe the message that, “domestic violence is not OK,” needs to be given at a young age so people know the difference even before they enter into a relationship.

The responses from the school students were very positive. The Z club and Zonta club also provided brochures with relevant organizations and phone numbers so that students know there is help for them or if they already know of friends and family members who are suffering domestic violence.

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