Zonta e-Club of Roma Parioli shines a spotlight on Iranian women during the 16 Days of Activism

The Zonta e-Club of Roma Parioli, Italy, kicked off the 16 Days of Activism with an art exhibition event to stand with the women in Iran. As thousands of Iranian women are risking their lives and taking to the streets to reclaim their rights, the club wanted to celebrate their courage and resilience. The exhibit will remain open for all 16 Days of Activism until 10 December.

The club invited experts such as Dr. Tiziana Ciavardini to speak during the event. Tiziana is an Italian cultural anthropologist and journalist who has lived more than 13 years in Iran – a country that she frequently denounces its anti-feminist regimes.

Many professional artists and beginners, who support the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign, donated their works to the exhibition. Two guests at the opening night were artist Pamela Squarta and Mahroo Hemati, a young Iranian artist.

Until the exhibit closes, guests are welcome to bid on any artwork, and all proceeds will be donated to Zonta International’s Foundation for Women. In addition to the exhibition, there is also a fundraising raffle.

Zonta Club of London kicks off 16 Days with a 5K to raise awareness

The Zonta Club of London, England, kicked off the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence with members donning orange to raise awareness.

The club is again partnering with Savera UK. Savera UK held a “5k to end Honour Based Abuse” event in Liverpool to mark Day 1, with Zonta members participating in the event.

The Zonta Club of London has a comprehensive social media campaign planned to raise awareness about the 16 Days and share what individuals can do to end violence and abuse against women and girls.

Zonta Club of Bad Nauheim-Friedberg holds workshop to empower girls against online violence

The Zonta Club of Bad Nauheim-Friedberg, Germany, organized a workshop to empower girls against online violence. This was the first time the club started this cooperation project. They were responsible for finding cooperation partners financing the project, organization, media work and the advertisement before the workshop.

The club was impressed that more than 40 young women and girls all over Germany took part. They also noticed how many people were interested in the topic and how many girls were affected.

The club believes that it is essential to address and communicate with young women at their level, which led to the workshop’s great success. They are considering holding the workshop again.

Z and Golden Z Club of Saint Michael’s College of Laguna hosts webinar about Safe Spaces

The Z and Golden Z Clubs of Saint Michael’s College of Laguna, the Philippines, recently hosted a webinar called Safe Spaces: It Begins with You. The clubs invited attorney Terese Ray Anne O. Aquino as a guest speaker to educate their audience about the Safe Spaces Act. This law penalizes all forms of gender-based sexual harassment committed in public spaces, educational or training institutions, workplaces and online.

The clubs streamlined the webinar to more than 3,000 audience members and registered 5,000 engagements.

Zonta Clubs in Bulgaria say NO to cyber violence against women and children

As an extension of the Zonta Says No campaign, the Zonta clubs in Bulgaria say NO to cyber violence against women and children. With people using the Internet now more than ever, the clubs wanted to highlight the hidden potential risks and prevent and combat cyberbullying.

Under the patronage of Iliana Yotova, the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the clubs collaborate with experts from the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime’s specialized unit. They are also joined by a number of international NGOs such as UNICEF and Soroptimist International, and other national and regional organizations that support the cause.

So far, a broad public awareness campaign has been released, including several volunteer educational training sessions carried out by experts. The clubs will conduct debates and meetings across multiple Bulgarian cities in the upcoming months. 

On 15 April, the clubs plan to hold a closing conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, where the campaign’s activities and outcomes will be summarized and reported.

To learn more about the project and keep track of its activities, visit https://www.zontabulgaria.com/en/cyberviolence, or check out the project campaign video: https://vimeo.com/677231652.

Zonta Club of Santa Clarita takes one word at a time to promote the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

Taking inspiration from the Zonta Says NO tool guide released in 2021, the Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley, USA, created a social media schedule for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

Each day of the 16 Days centers around an inspirational word, and some days had different words intertwined throughout the day. Check out the club’s word-savvy social media plan below.

Day 1: Envision
For the first day, the club chose the word “envision” to “envisioning a world without violence against women.”

Day 2: Knowledge
The club wanted to share facts about gender-based violence around the world, including what happens in their town and state. They also shared why 25 November is an important date and why there are 16 days to the 16 Days of Activism.

Day 3: Community
The club shared the story behind the book “In the Time of the Butterflies” by Julia Alvarez. The book is about the Mirabel sisters, which inspired the 16 Days of Activism.

Day 4: Orange
The club wore their orange shirts everywhere they went, and they had a photo shoot in front of one of the city’s library sculptures. The sculptures consisted of squares with words like Scrabble pieces, and the middle “I” is missing. They place their Zonta Says NO vertical banner in that empty spot.

Day 5: Service
The club’s Service Committee baked cookies and donated gift cards to Fostering Youth Independence, a local non-profit organization that assists foster children after they age out of the system.

Day 6: Allyship
For “Allyship,” the club shared photos of men that support their mission and what Zonta means to them.

Day 7: Student Engagement
The club was preparing to install a new Z Club, but it got rescheduled to 24 January. This will be their second Z Club.

Day 8: Advocate
Having so many students at the high school level who feel so passionate about Zonta and its missions help the club to advocate the need to share the importance of ending violence against women and girls. Education is the key.

Day 9: Outreach
The club received a proclamation from the city of Santa Clarity Valley.

Day 10: Awareness
In addition to the proclamation, the club got the city to display their Zonta Says NO banner on a paseo above a busy street to promote awareness. The banner was displayed throughout the 16 Days.

Day 11: Tribute
The club shared stories from survivors to advocate their mission.

Day 12: Listening
The club encouraged others to listen to the stories of survivors on its YouTube channel.

Day 13: Discussion
The club co-hosted a webinar with the Zonta Club of Burbank, USA, to discuss human trafficking.

Day 14: Remembrance
The club displayed their SCV Red Dress Project at several locations during the 16 Days. The original Red Dresses inspired the project, and they launched the SCV Red Dress Project in 2016. The project aims to advocate and share awareness of domestic violence within their community.

Day 15: Giving Tuesday
The club participated in Zonta International’s Giving Tuesday webinar and shared what they were doing for the 16 Days of Activism.

Day 16: Reflection
The club concluded the 16 Days with the word “reflection.” They showed a series of photos that reflect all their activities.

Zonta Club of Cebu II and Golden Z Club of USPF organizes digital advocacy video competition

To mark the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the Zonta Club of Cebu II, Philippines, partnered with its student club, the Golden Z Club of the University of Southern Philippines (USPF), to organize a digital advocacy video competition.

The competition is divided into four categories:

  1. Poster-making.
  2. Animation videos.
  3. Storytelling.
  4. Literary Pieces.

For each category, the clubs asked the contestants to focus on topics such as violence against women, cyberbullying, cyber pornography, teenage pregnancy and the importance of literacy.

Due to COVID-19, the student club had to be creative with their Zonta Says NO activities. With the rise of digital apps, social media and mobile browsing amongst their peers, they decided to hold a contest to develop their classmates’ creativity, digital competence, communication, understanding and leadership skills.

The student club also sought to increase student educational research and explore and engage with women and girls’ issues. 

The judging panel was composed of members of the Zonta Club of Cebu II. The club donated cash prizes for the winners.

Zonta Club of Madison’s 16 Days of Activism activities

The Zonta Club of Madison, USA, launched its 2021 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence on Facebook on 25 November. This year’s campaign focused on domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse. Not only was the campaign heavily featured on the club’s and club members’ Facebook pages, but it was marketed on District 6’s profile as well.

Throughout the 16 Days of Activism, the club also initiated several other activities.

16 Day of Activism Proclamation

The Madison Common Council presented a 16 Day Resolution recognizing 16 Days of Activism on 16 November. A press conference was held on 17 November to present a proclamation signed by local law enforcement and representatives and Club TerriJo Saarela. 

Lighting Madison in orange

The club successfully got two buildings lit orange: the Madison Municipal Building and the Dome on the Overture Center for the Arts. They also distributed orange ribbons in baskets to area businesses with information cards promoting the Umbrella Walk. 

First annual Orange Umbrella Brigade Walk

The campaign concluded on 11 December at the club’s first annual Orange Umbrella Brigade Walk at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Participants joined in to tell their vision of a future without domestic violence. Wisconsin State Assemblyperson Lisa Subeck presented a proclamation from Governor Tony Evers. 

The club’s activism and public demonstrations received coverage on the local CBS and Fox News stations during the campaign.

Zonta Club of Dhaka IV speaks out on cybercrimes and violence against women

On 9 December, the Zonta Club of Dhaka IV, Bangladesh, conducted a webinar event on cybercrime and violence against women in Bangladesh and how to prevent it. Female students, their peers, friends and family were encouraged to join in the discussion. 

The club invited three panelists to speak on the topic:

  • The first speaker was Sabah Moyeen, a Senior Social Development Specialist and Gender Focal point for Bangladesh and Bhutan at the World Bank. Sabah talked about the types of cybercrimes prevalent in Bangladesh and their impacts on society. She also instructed the attendants on building awareness around these issues to end the crime.
  • The second speaker was Amirul Haque, an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Amirul shared his vast knowledge and experience in the cybercrime field and spoke about the legal implications and punitive actions victims can take.
  • The third speaker was Moloy Shaha, who is also an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Moloy is highly experienced in family law and has been a human rights activist since his youth. He discussed the legal aspects of cybercrimes and violent acts and how to speak justice against perpetrators.

Zonta Club of Ottawa, Canada shares its 16 Days of Activism YouTube campaign

The Zonta Club of Ottawa, Canada, participated in the 16 Days Campaign to end gender-based violence with social media messages to raise awareness of issues of violence against women and girls. The club wanted to mark the 16 days in a way that might resonate with the community. 16 club members made a difference by speaking out on an aspect of violence against women and children that is particularly meaningful to them.

Listed below is a list of topics the club presented for each of the 16 Days, along with a video.

Day 1, 25 November
Violence By Intimate Partners, presented by Judith | video

Day 2, 26 November
Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls, presented by Val H. | video

Day 3, 27 November
Affordable Housing for Women Fleeing Violence, presented by Elspeth | video

Day 4, 28 November
Financial Cost of Gender Violence to the Canadian Economy, presented by Kathleen | video

Day 5, 29 November
Impact of Domestic Violence on Children, presented by Sylvie | video

Day 6, 30 November
White Ribbon Campaign, presented by Kirsten | video

Day 7, 1 December
Workplace Violence and Harassment, presented by Lauren | video

Day 8, 2 December
Violence Against Women Parliamentarians, presented by Judith | video

Day 9, 3 December
Three Initiatives to Help Victims of Gender Violence, presented by Elspeth | video

Day 10, 4 December
Violence Against Indigenous Women, presented by Kathleen | video

Day 11, 5 December
Honor-Based Violence, presented by Val | video

Day 12, 6 December
Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, presented by Susie | video

Day 13, 7 December
Story of Two Women Murdered by Intimate Partner, presented by Kathy | video

Day 14, 8 December
Resolving Not to be a Silent Bystander, presented by Elspeth | video

Day 15, 9 December
Evidence-Based Solutions to End Gender Violence, presented by Kathleen | video

Day 16, 10 December
What We Can Do to Stop Violence Against Women and Girls, presented by CJ | video