Zonta Club of Johnson County hosts 5K to raise money to prevent domestic violence

ZC of Johnson CountyMembers of the Zonta Club of Johnson County in Texas hosted their third annual Zonta Zoom Race to End Domestic Violence 5k and 1k Fun Run as part of the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women.

Zontians have partnered with the Johnson County Family Crisis Center to host the event and a portion of the proceeds went to benefit current residents of the Johnson County Family Crisis Center.

Residents from the center assisted in decorating paper dolls that lined the route. Each doll represented a woman who had died as a result of domestic violence in Texas in that year. Sadly, there were 146 dolls lining the course.

Additionally, there was a shoe display at the starting line for the participants to see. Each pair of shoes represented a victim of domestic violence in the state of Texas for the year.

Participants were given t-shirts, snacks and breakfast for participating, as well as finisher medals for top placement.

Club members said they feel this event helps raise awareness for not only the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign, but the issue of domestic violence in general. Club members are proud of this event being so successful year after year.

Zonta Club of Rockhampton Inc advertises Zonta Says NO during local event

ZC of Rockhampton Inc 3

During Beef Australia 2018, Australia’s triennial National Beef Industry event attracting over 100,000 national and international visitors, the Zonta Club of Rockhampton Inc, District 22, mounted a display at the local regional airport, raising awareness for the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign.

The display prominently provides awareness about the campaign, as well as information about local support services for those affected by domestic and family violence.

The display will run for the whole month of May, which also coincides with the local Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, which is marked every May in Queensland Australia.

Zonta Club of Saffle-Amal creates display to inform community about violence against women

ZC of Saffle-Amal

Zontians in the Zonta Club of Säffle-Åmål decided to make a statement, enhance their visibility in their community and make people aware of what Zonta does during the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign.

They decided to make a statement to show their community the number of reported assaults on girls and women that were made in 2016.

130 orange shoes, 1 pair of red shoes and 1 pair of yellow rubber boots for a child were displayed by the Zonta Club of Saffle-Amal, District 21. Each pair of shoes represented a reported assault and many pairs were painted orange in order to show the grim statistics.

The yellow rubber boots represented a girl younger than 6 years and the red shoes represented a woman that died as a result of violence.

Visitors reacted in many ways and the most frequently asked question was if the shoes represented numbers throughout Sweden. Club members told visitors that the shoes represented only their community and passerby were speechless.

Many people took their time to see the display and to contemplate the figures of reported assaults. The number of shoes made an impact and many people reacted strongly. Lots of interesting conversations about violence in general and Zonta as an organization took place.

Club members sold homemade bread while sharing information about Zonta and also had orange knitted hats for sale. The club raised over US$600.

Community members told Zontians that they had made a difference that day in their community.

Zonta Club of the Fleurieu Peninsula Inc organizes display for 16 Days of Activism

The Zonta Club of the Fleurieu Peninsula Inc, District 23, created a digital display promoting the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign. The Shine the Light project was a joint project between the Zonta Club of the Fleurieu Peninsula Inc and the local government of the city of Victor Harbor.

The façade of the local cinema which is in the main street of the city was illuminated with a digital art display that reflected ‘Zonta Says NO to Violence.’

The façade has been used by the city in the past to promote tourism and city council embraced the concept of supporting Zonta to further the cause.  Council staff and Zonta members workshopped with local digital artists to produce a dynamic and thought-provoking digital display.

The display shone during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence and was seen by thousands of people.  The display ran on a loop from 25 November to 10 December, from sun down to sun up.

The digital display aimed to communicate the responsibility community members have to end the perpetuation of abuse toward women. It conveyed the message that boys need to be taught how to show respect toward women from a young age.

The digital artists were mindful that this was a public place open to all ages and were asked to use orange as a predominant color. White was also used to reflect White Ribbon.

Along with this display, the Zonta Club of the Fleurieu also provided bystander training, facilitated by the YWCA as part of their Rise Above the Pack program.

Zonta Club of Nurmes hosts event on everyday safety

The Zonta Club of Nurmes organized a seminar on safety in everyday life as a part of the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign.

The guest speaker of the seminar was the highest ranking police officer in Finland,  National Police Commissioner  Seppo Kolehmainen.

Other speakers talked about the importance of making concrete help available for victims, as well as holding authorities accountable.

The audience asked questions and at the end of the seminar, a local Gypsy king and 70-year-old, Seppo Palm, sang a song.

Zonta Club of Trondheim brings Zonta Says No to community

The Zonta Club of Trondheim organized a Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women campaign together with 24 other organizations, including the municipality of Trondheim, NGOs and labor unions.

About 1,000 people visited 20 multicultural arrangements during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

There were 16 days of exhibitions, seminars, movies, discussions, dances and various artistic performances engaging the local community for the sake of understanding and stopping violence against women.

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The Zonta Club of Ibadan II used HeForShe to generate interest in the 16 Days campaign


In the context of advocating for women’s rights and taking part in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, members of the Zonta Club of Ibadan II, District 18, adopted two tools.

First, the Nigerian club members embraced the HeForShe campaign to engage men of all ages in the mission to end violence against women. Then, they used social media to broadcast their message to a larger audience.

The HeForShe partners posted pictures on Facebook and Instagram wearing or holding shirts with the message. This generated engagement in the form of over 1,000 likes and many comments.

The HeForShe partners included national and community leaders as well as youth advocates.

Saint Michael’s College of Laguna student clubs join ‘iFIGHT’ movement during 16 Days of Activism


During the 2017 Zonta Says NO to Violence against Women and 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaigns, the Z and Golden Z clubs of Saint Michael’s College of Laguna, Philippines, spearheaded the relaunch of iFight, a youth movement to end human trafficking and modern slavery in this generation.

The clubs hosted a forum in which Cecille Oebanda, founding president of Visayan Forum Foundation, spoke. The nonprofit organization, founded in 1991, has rescued and helped thousands of victims and potential victims of trafficking. At the event, Oebanda discussed the facts of human trafficking, basic prevention practices and government intervention measures.

24300884_10213105373802697_7222900144462593430_nThe students also led everyone in a chant, where they shouted, “We fight against human trafficking,” and they made a human formation of “iFIGHT.”

Attendees volunteered to be iFight ambassadors who will provide more information to students so they can protect themselves, their families and their peers.

Students set up an “iFight Freedom Wall,” where attendees wrote their support and thoughts about issues that continue to endanger women and girls. They also created a closed social media group to provide an online safe space for women and girls to express themselves freely.

Zonta clubs of Bombay I and III work with Save the Children India to host events during 16 Days of Activism campaign

The Zonta clubs of Bombay I and III, India (District 25) partnered with Save the Children India to recognize the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign.

Beginning on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, through 10 December, Human Rights Day, the two groups participated in various activities.

Save the Children India is an NGO that prevents exploitation and discrimination of vulnerable women and children and empowers them to lead a life of dignity, self-respect and independence.

Over the various days of activism, more than 150 girls living in vulnerable conditions were provided opportunities to learn about issues relating to gender-based violence. The events included the screening of women-led films, which were followed by discussions, as well as drawing and poster making competitions. These helped the girls reflect on discrimination prevalent in their communities and possibly in their families. The girls also visited a police station to better understand the role of police in regards to issues related to violence against women and women’s rights. Rallies were held in the communities to create awareness of gender issues as well as to spread messages to strive for equality.

Bombay I III 2

The advocacy campaign culminated at the head office of Save The Children India with a day-long event that featured sessions focusing on providing conceptual clarity of gender, explaining the difference between sex and gender, and international initiatives in place to eliminate gender-based violence.

Zonta members of both clubs had discussions with the girls and volunteers at the events.

The Zonta Club of Bombay I also conducted a need-based project at the Asha Sadan Rescue Home. The club donated personal and housekeeping items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, and Talc powder to the girls living at the adoption agency. The donations were worth 4,000 Rupees.

The Vice President of the Zonta Club of Bombay I Shernaz Hathiram also gave a talk on human trafficking and the girls interacted with the members and shared their thoughts on the topic.

Zonta Club of Iisalmi campaigns for 20 days as part of 20th anniversary

Photo caption: The city manager of Iisalmi and local industrial entrepreneurs took photos wearing their orange squares to show their support for Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women.

In 2017, the Zonta Club of Iisalmi actively campaigned for twenty days instead of sixteen as part of the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women and the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaigns.

The extended campaign was in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the Zonta Club of Iisalmi, which was established in 1997. The advocacy committee of the club chose to focus on the education of girls for the theme of the extended campaign.

Funds were gathered for the Let Us Learn Madagascar program to support girl’s education. The club sold 1,200 lottery tickets and was able to donate EUR $2,400 to the cause. The slogan was “An educated girl can choose a better life.”

The club also took the opportunity to challenge men to take part in the HeForShe campaign. One club member sewed over 200 orange pocket squares that were handed out by Zontians to men in power both locally as well as in the parliament of Finland. The club members hoped these would be used as a symbol of the men’s commitment towards the goal of global equality. In the parliament, there were fifty pocket squares handed to male members. The president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, who is an Impact Champion of HeForShe, got a pocket square. The city manager of Iisalmi and local industrial entrepreneurs took photos wearing their orange squares.

The local newspaper published the writings of six local men in powerful positions regarding violence, equality and education supporting the campaign. A panel discussion was held on the local radio station, featuring the same themes as well as poems regarding women and education. The poems were chosen and read by Zontians and were performed almost daily.