Zonta Club of Key West raises awareness of gender-based violence

The Zonta Club of Key West launched the 16 Days of Activism on 21 November 2020 by tying orange ribbons around trees along North Roosevelt Boulevard in Key West to raise awareness of gender-based violence.

The City of Key West Commission also presented a proclamation to Zonta Club of Key West on 4 November in recognition of the 16 Days of Activism, permitting the display of the orange ribbons along North Roosevelt until 10 December.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to support the work by wearing orange during the 16 Days, helping to end violence against women, and eliminating the detrimental consequences it has on the well-being of the Key West community. If you or someone you know is experiencing violence against women, please call the Domestic Abuse Shelter 24-Hour Hotline at 305-743-4440 or text 305-240-0105.

Day 2: Knowledge

Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread violation of human rights. Preventing and ending gender-based violence requires knowledge of the issues. What is the most prevalent form of gender-based violence where you live? What is being done to address the issue? Research gender-based violence in your local community, state/province or country, and share what you learn. Provide links for others to take action or engage community members, family and friends in a discussion to come up with your own ideas for solutions. Get the facts and find links to additional resources.

Zonta clubs in Sweden host webinar with UN Women Sweden on Orange Day

Today, the Zonta clubs in Sweden hosted a joint webinar with UN Women Sweden on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The aim of the webinar was to create awareness that violence against women is still common in Sweden and has even gotten worse during the COVID-19 pandemic with victims being locked in with their perpetrators.

Four prominent speakers shared their knowledge and experience of working with these issues within Swedish organizations and politics, including Juno Blom, Party Secretary for Liberalerna and Member of Parliament, Jonas Trolle, Head of Center Against Pro-Violence Extremism, Maria Björsson, Business Developer at Unizon Girl and Women Shelters, and Omar Makram, Expert and Project Manager at the GAPF Association.

The webinar provided participants with useful tools and knowledge about where to turn to get help to enable them to commit to acting against gender-based violence. Since the webinar was free, the clubs urged participants to instead donate to Zonta International’s project to end child marriage.

Zonta Club Dendermonde distributes Zonta Says NO face masks

The Zonta Club Dendermonde, Belgium distributed 1,000 masks with the “Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women” logos. Municipalities, companies and many sympathizers and Zonta club members wear this mouth mask to make a statement against violence against women on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Day 1: Envisioning

As Zontians, we envision a world where no woman or girl lives in fear of violence. Together, we take a stand and say NO to gender-based violence. Learn more about how our leaders and members are taking action to end gender-based violence. Join us these next 16 days to learn more about this violation of human rights and how you too can say NO!

Zonta Club of Birmingham takes out billboard encouraging gender-based violence survivors to get help

The Zonta Club of Birmingham began its annual Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign with a billboard on I-65. For eight weeks, it will publicize that women can get help by calling 1-800-799-7233.

This is a project of particular importance in the Birmingham area because domestic violence shelters have been challenged to provide a safe place to those abused, while also protecting against COVID-19. The club is dedicated to assisting the YWCA of Central Alabama with their efforts to address this problem that affects one in three women.

Lauren Thompson, director of domestic violence services at the YWCA Central Alabama, said facilities are pushed to the limit. Housing is full because clients who desperately need to get out of a situation have to be isolated from Coronavirus and cannot share a room with someone who might be contagious. Hotels are filling the void.

Zonta clubs in Rotterdam install Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women flags on main road

The Zonta clubs of Rotterdam and Rotterdam aan de Maas organized 33 flags to be hung on one of the main roads into the city’s center. They were hung this week and will remain through 10 December.

The message on the flags say, “Stop Violence against Women” and “We will continue until all women’s rights = human rights.”

Zonta Club of Geelong Inc updates Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women road signs

For the past several years, the Zonta Club of Geelong Inc, Australia, has displayed four Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women signs on boards provided by their local council on roadsides on major entries to the city.

The club updated the signs this year to include “Zonta Says Yes to Gender Equality.” The signs also align with a local initiative called the Barwon Month of Action – Say no to violence against women and children.

Zonta Club of Pampanga includes students in Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women mall event


The Zonta Club of Pampanga in the Philippines organized a Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women mall event featuring the four participating high schools and some Indigenous children of Pampanga, performing “Break the Silence, Stop the Violence” dance interpretation, sending the message to more than 300 spectators the club invited to join in the campaign.

Eight like-minded groups have enjoined showing support of the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign.

The event was sponsored and supported by the local government unit and SM City ClarkMall as the venue of this activity.

Also during this event, the club has honored and recognized the 3 Centennial  Champion Awardees who have been part of Zonta’s advocacy and service projects in this biennium.  Three organizations were also given Centennial Community Awards for the cooperation and assistance of Zonta’s campagin on ending child marriage.