In the news: Zonta Club of Lebanon raises awareness of domestic violence with pinwheels on courthouse lawn


About 29 orange pinwheels are planted on the Boone County Courthouse lawn. Each represents a person who has died as a result of domestic violence in Indiana since 2014, explained Joanna Shoemaker with the Zonta Club of Lebanon, USA, District 6.

Shoemaker said this display is part of the larger 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence campaign that is being celebrated by Zonta clubs internationally. The 16-day period started Nov. 25 and will end on Dec. 10.

The campaign is aimed to get the average person to realize how many people domestic violence touches. By showing the deaths involved, people can see the most extreme outcome.

“It is jarring to see it, and you realize that this is happening right here in your community,” said Christine Sterle, the club’s vice president.

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Zonta Club of Berry Inc passionately spreads anti-violence message to community members

r0_0_2448_3264_w1200_h678_fmaxThe Zonta Club of Berry Inc, Australia, in District 24, has established a window display in Berry Chemist and the Shoalhaven Library, with information available on how to access local domestic violence services.

Zonta Club of Berry Inc President Rosalie Fletcher said Zonta is passionate about eliminating domestic violence.

“Domestic violence is one of the major messages we want to get out,” she told South Coast Register. “We’re all about women empowering women.”

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Zonta Club of Ulm-Donau turns theater orange to advocate for ending violence against women

The Zonta Club of Ulm-Donau, in District 30, is bringing awareness to the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign in Ulm, Germany.

Club members have erected a sign at Theater Ulm, and turned the building orange as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Zonta Club of Ulm-Donau in theaterZonta Club of Ulm-Donau

Zonta Club of Lohja raises youth awareness of violence against women


Zonta Club of Lohja, Finland, in District 20 chose partnered with young people in the town for the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign.

The club turned the local youth center orange to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. The building, where young people gather daily both for spare time and for municipal youth services, is illuminated orange during the 16 Days of Activism.

The orange color outside the building is communicating the important message of the campaign, strengthened by the local media. In addition, young people who use the center’s services are getting information about the topics close to the youth during the days of activism, such as violence in relationships and harrasment on social media, at school or at work.

Information about everyone’s right to education, not only in Finland but worldwide, was spread, as well as facts about human trafficking in the world.

Day 13: Women in conflict

Women in Conflict

Conflict affects women and girls and men and boys differently. The violence experienced by women and girls in conflict situations is not always seen and is highly underreported.

“In 2016, sexual violence continued to be employed as a tactic of war, with widespread and strategic rapes, including mass rapes, allegedly committed by several parties to armed conflict, mostly in conjunction with other crimes such as killing, looting, pillage, forced displacement and arbitrary detention,” United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres says in a recent report.

Click here to read Guterres’ April 2017 report on conflict-related sexual violence.

Day 12: Human Traffickers

Individuals Convicted of Trafficking

Traffickers and their victims often come from the same place, speak the same language or have the same ethnic background. Such commonalities help traffickers generate trust to carry out the trafficking crime. Court cases and other qualitative data indicate that women are often used to recruit other women.

Click here to find more information on trafficking in persons in the Global Report on Trafficking in Persons from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Zonta Club of Rotorua recognized as leader in preventing violence against women


The Zonta Club of Rotorua was recognized as being a leading group advocating for women in their local community.

The Zonta Club of Rotorua was recognized as one of a group of local champions in New Zealand for their work to prevent violence against women.  The club members joined a number of other anti-violence organizations at an E Tū Whānau and White Ribbon Community Day event held in Rotorua on 25 November. E Tū Whānau is a social movement in New Zealand designed to encourage positive change.

Zonta Club of Rotorua, as well as the other groups being recognized, was welcomed onto the village green by Maori elders and given the opportunity to speak to the crowd about the work the club does.

Zonta Club of Rotorua President Karen Clark said it was a wonderful opportunity to highlight the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women.

Clark said members also ran an information booth and handed out campaign bookmarks with contact numbers for local domestic violence services.

In November, club members rode their bicycles for 16 kilometers leading up to the 16 Days of Activism campaign. Sporting their bright orange Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women shirts, the members rode around Rotorua handing out campaign information to locals and tourists. Zonta members involved in the cycling event also joined in the recognition ceremony. 


Members of the Zonta Club of Rotorua pose during an event to ride 16 kilometers in support of the 16 Days of Activism and the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign.

In the News: Zonta Club of Lebanon plants orange pinwheels on courthouse lawn


Orange pinwheels decorate the lawn in front of the Boone County Courthouse, representing every person who has died as a result of domestic violence since 2014.

About 29 pinwheels were placed on the lawn by the Zonta Club of Lebanon in the hopes of raising awareness for the number of cases of domestic violence in Indiana each year.

A sign stands among the pinwheels displaying a number for a national hotline for domestic violence victims.

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District 17 clubs march through Bangkok to advocate ending violence against women

All Zonta clubs in District 17’s Area 6 held a parade that marched through a famous shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, as part of the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign.

Students from Asa Witthaya School Z Club and Bangkok University Golden Z Club joined Zontians in the parade, carrying handmade signs.

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