Noosa Says “NO”

The Zonta Club of Noosa has been continually working on four notable activities to fight violence against women in Australia: The Cooroy Family Support Center, the SHINE project, programs to support domestic violence victims and the White Ribbon Foundation.

The club has supported and funded the Cooroy Family Support Centre (CFSC) since its establishment in 1991. The Centre is a not-for-profit organization that provides affordable, and sometimes free, counseling to families in Queensland that are affected by domestic and family violence and other mental health issues.  As the needs of the community and use of the CFSC have increased, so has the donation of time and money from The Zonta Club of Noosa.

Another project, the Safe Homes in Noosa Everyday (SHINE) project, also focuses on helping women and families escape domestic and family violence through three safe houses.  These safe houses provide short-term emergency accommodation for women, a service that was not available until the start of this project. The Club has been part of the SHINE project since its creation and has remained involved within the project and its committee ever since.

The Zonta Club of Noosa has also backed several other programs to support domestic violence victims since the late 1990s. The latest program, the Discoveries Program, focuses on women survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The Club has also helped fund Focus, a support and community liaison and education service, which aims to achieve community inclusion for individuals with a psychiatric disability and promote community development and education of mental health issues. In addition to providing funding for the programs, club members take hands-on responsibility for advertising the programs to the wider public in the greater Noosa area, allowing for greater Zonta visibility.

The Club also worked with the White Ribbon Foundation. This male-led campaign aims to prevent violence against women through the belief that most men are good and that good men detest such violence. The Club provides ongoing support to this campaign by organizing awareness-raising events, selling ribbons and wristbands and varied activities that involve the Noosa community.

To get more in-depth details about these projects, please click here: Zonta Says NO Noosa report on activities.

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