Prevention of Violence against Women in Estonia

By donating €32,000 to the Zonta Club of Tartu, Estonia, the Finnish Clubs of District 20 made it possible for the Tartu Club to launch their club project, “Prevention of Violence against Women in Estonia”, and operate it for 15 months.

This project was managed by the Tähtvere Avatud Naistekeskus – the Tähtvere Open Centre for Women – and it was completed at the end of 2012. To wind up their work, the committee in charge published a book about the project, “Real-life Stories”.

Ms Meeli Lokk of the Zonta Club of Tartu reports: “A book of real-life stories, ‘ The Brides of Bluebeard’ was published on 8 March, 2013. In it, seven women tell their individual stories of living in a violent relationship. The publication of this book marks the end of the Yellow Rose Campaign Project of ZI District 20, Area 6, and the Zonta Club of Tartu.

This project enabled us to give counselling to women, children and mothers, to arrange a camp-meeting in the country for women and children, to publish brochures and booklets, to arrange an inter-Estonian campaign against family violence and to publish this book.

The book contains seven stories of women who got help from the Women’s Centre. They each tell their own story by starting from their childhood until they left their violent partner. What is important about their stories is the happy end. It was also important for these women to tell their stories, since, by doing so, they hope to be able to help other women facing the same situation. The book is also a myth-buster, as most of these women are highly educated and can manage their lives very well. When women, who are in the same situation, read this book, they might recognize the signs of danger and take action. The women in the book often say that had they known how to read the signs, they would have understood the situation and reacted sooner. The editor of the book is Krista Kivisalu, who also interviewed the participants.”

Zonta Club of Tartu

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