Antwerp Zontians rap Zero Tolerance

During the District 27 conference in Antwerp, Zontians joined in singing together “The Zonta Zero Tolerance Rap”

Shout it out/ Cry it loud
No to violence/ Zero Tolerance
Zonta’s goal is to respect /Zontas goal is to protect
Women children all survive/ In this world they all must thrive

Zonta does not look away/ They are Zontas proteges
Zonta fights for womens rights/ Zonta stands on womens sides
Zonta cares for here and there 
Zonta gives its light and might/ for this goal we all unite
Here in Antwerp and worldwide


According to the club, any background rap can work. The words are easy, also for non-native English speaking Zontians. When done with a group, the effect is great … you just try it!

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