An Educational Strategy on Non Violence Behaviour


The District 17 Board is implementing a new District Service Project focused on an educational strategy for young people to be aware of the need of gender equality and non-violence in personal relationships.

They are now encouraging all Zonta Clubs in District 17 to organize at least one seminar on Violence Against Women, targeting either at high school and university students or social workers/service organizations who may be involved in counseling victims of violence.

The D17 team has prepared the following material which can be downloaded by Clubs on the D17 website for possible usage at club seminars. ( under Service Committee) – A Powerpoint summarizing the VAW laws in the Philippines – A Resource Directory for Philippines, including details of contacts where victims can seek help. – A supply of VAW banners with D17 identity has been specially made and stored with the Area Directors. Clubs can borrow these banners for usage at their seminars. – Domestic Violence – An Overview of the Domestic & Cohabitation Relationships Violence Ordinance Bill in Hong Kong.


The project will be implemented in stages, and information on other countries in D17 is being compiled. We hope that the summary  of VAW laws in the region will enhance awareness of women’s rights in our territories.



With a Resource Directory in Philippines, VAW victims will know where to seek help when needed.

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