Zonta Says No from Italian rugby fields

“Violence against women is not just any problem to be approached in just any way; men and women together against feminicide, against any form of violence against women: this is Zonta’s strategy to fight an emergency which in Italy kills a women every other day” – with these words Zonta Clubs started the campaign “HANDS OFF OF WOMEN” in 2012 in Area 03 of District 30, as the first step of the international campaign ZONTA Says NO.

A year has gone by and the initiative has been perfected and broadened to cover the whole national area.

Two important events are planned.

The first on 17 November, anniversary of the signing of Resolution 54/134 by the United Nations on 1999 proclaiming the 25 November International day for the elimination of violence against women.

Promoted by Zonta Club Torino and the Association “OVALE oltre le Sbarre”, the Italian Rugby Federation has followed the appeal to involve all teams of every championship played in Italy in a minute of silence before kick-off of all games played on 17 November. The clou moments will be held in Turin ( Area 03 D30) and in Frosinone ( Area 03 D28).

Very significant what will happens in Turin: a cooperation between Zonta, the Department of Administration of the Penitentiaries and the Association “Ovale oltre le sbarre” has made it possible to involve once again La Drola Rugby, the first Italian team to be made up of prisoners to play in a championship (regional C series). Before the kick off against Ivrea on 2:30 PM inside the penitentiary “Lorusso e Cutugno”, the athletes – all wearing a bib with the slogan “Giu’ le mani dalle donne” (Hands off of women) – will propose a minute of silence for all, audience included, as a moment of consideration about the topic of violence against women, during which the representatives of Zonta International will unfold a banner of the international campaign.

Other interventions on the playing fields are being organized in cooperation with the regional committees and will involve all of the more than 40 Italian Clubs of Districts 30 and District 28 of Zonta International to heighten awareness and to particularly involve the male population. The initiative also strengthens the campaign against domestic violence, organized under the patronage of F.I.R. together with Avon Cosmetics, and the anti-violence centre Cooperativa Cerchi d’Acqua.

“The Italian Rugby Federation’s availability, the involvement of all rugby team in Italy give to Zonta International the opportunity to have a popular attention in regard to any kind of violence against women, showing the willingness to bring about a cultural change, without which the requirements for eliminating violence against women couldn’t exist.” The promoters of the events being held during the next days underline this fact and the events will highlight the dramatic consequences on society of the violence against women in Italy.

http://www.zontadistrict30.orghttp://www.zonta-distridist 30 bct28.com

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