Zonta Club Montpellier Marie of Montpellier symbolically chains The Three Graces

Zonta Club Montpellier Marie of Montpellier chained symbolically “The Three Graces” with an orange-coloured ribbon to draw attention on the condition of the women victims of violence.

Three main times in this special day :


Montpellier Marie de Montpellier








The liberation of the women: the Mayor of Montpellier launched the liberation of the women statues by cutting a piece of the ribbon in the presence of associations and representatives of institutions dedicated to the defense of the dignity of women,

The implication of the public: to buy a piece of ribbon (2 €) and to wear it in their buttonhole. This gave residents of Montpellier the opportunity to show their commitment to oppose violence against women,

The service: the local service of the ZC Montpellier Marie de Montpellier takes form of a partnership with the Montpellier Centre of Residence and Social Reintegration Elisabeth Bouissonade. Through the financing of a writing workshop, which allows the women to free their word, they become able to reconstruct themselves step by step. The works of those women in the writing workshop were exhibitited in the Montpellier Fabre Museum the same day: this visibility helps to a return towards empowerment

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