Zonta Club of Kathmandu, Nepal Premieres Movie on the Practice of Self Immolation

Nepal Army ChiefNepal Mr. Gagan ThapaTo promote the 16 Days of Activism, The Zonta Club Kathmandu, Nepal, premiered the Jhola (Bag) movie. The club had an overwhelming response from an audience of five hundred and was attended by the Minister for women, children and social welfare, Constituent Assembly members, Chief of the Army, Chief Secretary and Secretaries to the government of Nepal, private sector, civil society, academicians, diplomats and the media.

The movie Jhola effectively lifted the veil on a practice that has plagued countries like Nepal. Young women are being made to end their lives prematurely and in a horrific manner. Though this most cruel form of violence against women (self immolation), has been abolished, it has manifested in different inhuman forms such as dowry, girl trafficking, forced marriage to name a few.


Nepal Ms. Riddhibaba PradhanNepal Zonta Team

One thought on “Zonta Club of Kathmandu, Nepal Premieres Movie on the Practice of Self Immolation

  1. Hi! I was lucky to see the movie Johla during the Intl. Convention Orlando and I am interested to get a copy to show to our members of the Zonta Club of Cebu II, Cebu City Philippines. –Marietta Padilla Malinao, President Zonta Club of Cebu II 2014- 2016.

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