Zonta Club of Victoria participates in annual local action to say NO

zc victoira

There were no words suitable to what happened on December 6, 1989: a man with a legally obtained gun specifically targeting female engineering students, killing 14. There was only terror.

December 6 has become a National Day of Remembrance and Action for Violence against Women: it is the day to say NO.

Each year on this day, the Zonta Club of Victoria says NO by participating in a local action. This year, the club was honoured to be asked to join in the tribute to the women whose lives were taken in 1989. Several members, each with a poster of one of the women, placed a candle and a rose in memory of her. The candle and rose were not placed in sadness, but in hope: violence was wrong in 1989, and it is wrong today. Therefore members distributed brochures explaining elder abuse and how to take action against it…. because December 6 is the day to say NO.

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