Zonta Club of Ploiesti gets youth involved in Zonta Says NO

Zonta Club Ploiesti say No Zonta Club Ploiesti say No1 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No2 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No3 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No4 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No5 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No6 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No7 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No9 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No8 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No10 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No11 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No12 Zonta Club Ploiesti say No13Due to the current financial crisis, but also for other cases in Romania was noted an increased incidence of domestic violence. Statistical data centralized by Romanian police in the first half of 2012 compared with the first half of 2011 reveals the following information:

  • The number of violent incidents has increased by 0.64 (from 11494-11568);
  • 31% of the offenses were committed between relatives, with violence, with 26 % more than in the reference period;
  • Of the 11,596 persons ( 1.39 % ) investigated for criminal domestic violence for 19% of offenders have begun prosecuting 24% less than in the first half of 2011.
  • On the other hand, the National Agency for Family Protection reported approx. 9,500 domestic violence cases per year in the last two years, of which 73 % were directed against women.

However, these statistics do not reflect the true dimensions of domestic violence, which in most cases is perpetuated from generation to generation as “normal behaviour.” Experts estimate that “more precise number “of cases of domestic violence is about six times higher than that reported. Each day, about 32 people are victims of domestic violence and most of them are women.

This was the motivation that Zonta Club Ploiesti made from the campaign “Zonta Says NO” the most important campaign this year. The club’s campaign, “Zonta Club Ploiesti Say NO – Violence ! ” began 17 May with a double event: Roundtable in the morning with “Why me?” and afternoon with the “Coffee Party”. About 100 people’s man and women, youth and with more experience learned about violence with their volunteer psychology Elena Taran. The members learned what violence means and how to prevent violence.

On 15 November, the club organized a show for the anniversary of Zonta International and for “International Day of Children’s Rights “. The show featured a leased exhibition, Zonta Club Ploiesti “Say NO – Violence”, which was made by members of the Z Club – and is currently hosted by the House of Teacher Training Prahova .

On 25 November, the club hosted a 3K march of silence of 130 young people from the Economic College “Victor Slavescu”, National College “Nichita Stanescu”, Notional College  “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, and members the Zonta Club Ploiesti. At the march, members were joined by local crews and traffic police and gendarmerie, with the approval of Ploiesti City Hall, who is proving to be a partner in supporting human rights.

On 5 December, the club held their Prahova Volunteer Gala, where members promoted the campaign and one of their volunteers was awarded. George Constantin Radu organized a team who worked for the exhibition, as a volunteer to other associations, participated in all the activities organized by the club. Two other volunteers,  Adrian and Bogdan Ciocioc were also acknowledged.

On 6 December, the club held two roundtables at the National College “Spiru Haret” and “Nichita Stanescu” where the club discussed with students violence and its prevention methods using methods of non-formal education. The club trained 70 youth and teachers in this field.

On 10 December, International Day of Human Rights Day, the club in the Prahova NGO Forum, hosted a social section where they will held a debate about rights and focused on the rights of women and children. This gave the club the opportunity to promote Zonta Says No. The forum concluded with musical performances by the volunteers Bogdan Gazdac, Adrian and Bogdan Ciocioc.

The club finished the 16 days the activism to the gender violence, but will work to promote the human rights and to promote a better life.

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