Zonta Club of Ventimiglia Hosts Silent March Against Feminicide


An exhibition of shoes without a body made by the Zonta Club of Casale Monferrato has been on the road in the North of Italy.


After an event in Chieri by the Zonta club in progress (Zonta Club del Chierese), the shoes arrived in Bordighera. Here, the Zonta Club of Ventimiglia, District 30, Area 03 organized a new silent march of shoes in the main street to seek attention on feminicide.


Two banners in support of the march, a gazebo to collect and to give information and a big exposure on the press showed “ZONTA SAYS NO” action against domestic violence and every kind of violence against women. Now  the  march  will be proposed in another town along the Riviera dei Fiori by the Zonta Club of Alassio Albenga.

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