In the News: Domestic violence victims tell their stories

From the Port Lincoln Times:
by: Billie Harrison

LOCAL White Ribbon Ambassador Bruce Green has called on men not to tolerate or be quiet about domestic violence.

Speaking at the opening of an exhibition in Port Lincoln to highlight the impact of domestic violence, Mr Green said it was an important issue in the community but it was a difficult issue for men to think about.

“Men try not to think about it much, we try not to accept that it’s an ongoing issue and that it’s largely our issue, a men’s issue.

“We know the damage it does in our community … but it’s an issue that sits back behind the bright lights.”

The Walk In My Shoes exhibition celebrates the courage of women who have walked out of a violent situation, in the words of the women themselves.

Mr Green said he had read a couple of the women’s stories, which are attached to a different pair of shoes for each story, and they had brought him to tears.

The women’s names have been changed to protect the authors and their privacy but their stories give a clear insight into the thoughts, dilemmas and actions to keep themselves and their children safe in their decision to escape a partner who is violent towards them.

The stories have been written by women who have had extensive support and counselling to ensure the writing process does not open up old memories and cause pain.

People experiencing domestic violence in an emergency situation should call the police.

People in the community who require support with how to deal with domestic violence, counselling or safe accommodation options call Yarredi Services on 1800 110 617 or 8683 0311 or visit

The exhibition is part of the Zonta Says No campaign and has been on display in Adelaide and other regional areas.

It will be at the Port Lincoln Bank SA branch until September 5.

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