Day 4 | Women and Armed Conflict

Background of Topic:

While war and conflict inflict suffering on everyone, women and girls are often used as a weapon of war. Murder, torture, sexual assault and exploitation including rape and sexual slavery are frequently employed as tools of war.

When the conflict is over, women and girls who have faced violence are likely to suffer from psychological and physical effects of the violence they have faced, and may also face social stigma and rejection from their family or community. They also have limited opportunities to access justice, reparations, or the care and services they need.

Women for Women International, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides practical and moral support to women survivors of war, estimates that close to 90 percent of current war casualties are civilians, the majority of whom are women and children.

Ideas for the Day:

  • Take a stand against the use of sexual violence as a tactic of war by adding your picture to the “Get Cross!” campaign. Simply take a photo of yourself wearing orange with your arms crossed and share at: Wear your Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women t-shirt.
  • Follow @UNAction on Twitter.

Hashtag: #ZontaSaysNo #16Days

Images to Share:

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