Day 10 | Zonta International Service Project Highlight: Gender Responsive Schools Pilot Model in Vietnam

Background of Topic: 

Education plays a significant role in changing harmful gender stereotypes that promote or condone violence against women and girls. Many girls, particularly the most marginalized, continue to be deprived of the right to education. Some are targeted with violence for their efforts to complete their education.

In Vietnam, gender-based violence in and around schools is highly prevalent and is one of the main barriers to girls’ empowerment and gender equality. During the 2014-2016 Biennium, Zonta is partnering with the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women to support Gender Responsive Schools in Vietnam. The goal of the project is to create a school environment for adolescent girls and boys across Hanoi, Vietnam that is free from gender-based violence. Read the full project description.

Ideas for the Day:

  • Organize a public discussion on violence against women and girls in and around educational institutions and discuss the importance of educational programs in shaping respectful relationships and changing harmful gender stereotypes early in life.
  • Organize discussions on your social media pages about issues related to gender stereotypes in schools using the hashtags #ZontaSaysNO and #16days
  • Educate someone about Zonta’s International Service Project “Gender Responsive Schools in Vietnam” and start a discussion with them about why this project is so important.
  • Donate to the Zonta International Service Fund to support Zonta International’s Service Projects.
  • Share the below images and video on your social media pages

Hashtag: #ZontaSaysNO #16Days

Images and Videos to Share:

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