Zonta Club of Hong Kong East reaches young generation

“Say No to Violence Against Women” Mirco-Film Project was sponsored by the Zonta Club of Hong Kong East and organized by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey Club M21.  The project aimed to raise the awareness of the subject among the young generation and to nurture their creativity in spreading the message via the internet platform.  It commenced in early 2014, and was in several phases.


The first phase was a briefing session held with a university professor and a professional film producer.  The speakers lectured on the definition of violence and its consequences on its victims and the basic skills for micro-film production.  A total of 67 applications were received of which 8 teams received our Club’s sponsorship to produce the micro-film movies.  This phase was completed in April 2014.

The second phase is the production of the micro-films with the screening of the films held on 11 October 2014.  The 8 films were premiered at M21 in Shek Pai Wan Shopping Centre in Aberdeen.   There were in total of close to 180 guests attended the event.  The films were very well-received and the whole event was run smoothly.  Five awards were presented with Under Secretary for Labour and Welfare as the Guest of Honor.

2015-02-25 13.16.13The third phase is the promotion of the films and the theme.  After the premiere, the films were put on the wide broadcast network of M21 including its website, mobile app, CommunityNet and SchoolNet.  Our Club also arranged some Interviews broadcasted on radio and television, a 30-second microfilm trailer shown on buses and posters put at ferries and tram shelters between December 2014 and March 2015.

The fourth phase is the education phase where reflection questions were developed based on the micro-films.  DVD of the films together with the reflection questions will be developed and produced to be used as educational materials for this phase.  There will be a train-the-trainers workshop held in April 2015 to prepare the teachers and social workers to make use of the materials for educational purposes.  This phase has just started and will continue to the next term.

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