Zonta Club of Kowloon sponsors self help mobile app

The Zonta Club of Kowloon is proud to sponsor the Hong Kong Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women “(ACSVAW”) in an iPhone application (“App”) development project “1st Action Moment” (“1AM”), the first free App in Asia to prevent gender violence against women.

1st Action Moment is a help-seeking and self-help mobile application based in Asia with the capacity to link up crisis centers and provide professional guidance to help-seekers. The App allows users to build a supportive network of 6 contacts to provide support to users in the unfortunate incidences of sexual attacks. Users can seek help from the supportive network through SMS capability and can be located through a GPS function.

The concept of the App “1 AM一點終” originates from an App called “Circle of 6” which was developed in USA aiming to help prevent sexual violence against women. The App won the White House 2012 Technology Challenge and was then launched and until 2014, recorded downloads in 32 countries.

The Club will provide funding for the IOS App development and first year maintenance,campus promotion and publicity of the IOS App to raise the awareness on prevention of sexual violence against women will be conducted in local secondary schools and universities, as well as future advocacy events in relation to the project (such as conferences/workshops/media programmes, etc.). The App also links the individual to crisis centers such as the nearest police station and hospital, as well as activates fake calls and alarm functions during an emergency.

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