Zonta Club of Accra II engages public at busy petrol station in saying NO to VAW


On Saturday, 26 November members of the Zonta Club of Accra II raised awareness of the issue of domestic violence as unacceptable behaviour by telling members of the public that they say NO to domestic violence. This was part of the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women & 16 Days of Activism campaigns.

Members of the Club identified a busy petrol station in the city of Accra and handed out leaflets to motorists who came to buy fuel. They also distributed leaflets to motorists along the road and engaged them in conversations about the need to recognize gender-based violence and work toward ending it. Members of the public were enthusiastic about the club’s initiative and requested for more fliers to distribute to others. They also expressed great interest in the activities of Zonta and commended the efforts.

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