Zonta Club of Beziers calls upon statesman to discuss budget allocated for women’s rights


The Zonta Club of Beziers mobilized by calling on deputy Elie Aboud, Member of the National Assembly of France for 6th Constituency of Hérault, to discuss the French state budget allocated to fight against violence.

In 2016, the budget allocated to the Ministry of Women’s Rights within the framework of the program “Equality between women and men” is € 27 million or 0.0066 percent of the general budget, when the estimated cost of violence against women is 2.5 billion a year. Per capita 0.33 euros, while in Spain, by way of comparison, it is 0.54 euros per capita. (Report of 15 September 2016 of the High Council for Equality between Men and Women)

Where is money for women’s rights ? The Zonta Club of Beziers thus complements its efforts over the past several years in favor of women by helping with literacy, access to care, equality between women and men, combating gender-based violence, intra-family violence, and the creation of an emergency relief fund for victims of domestic violence in the Beziers region.

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