Zonta Club of Darmstadt informs about domestic violence with public mall performance

The Zonta Club of Darmstadt, Germany, held a presentation in Darmstadt’s mall, Luisencenter, for the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign.

Artist Karina Wellmer-Schnell used images to help visualize two emotions: the feeling of being deeply hurt as a woman and what it means to go hand in hand without fear.

The club also informed people with statistics about violence against women in 2015 in Europe. This event informed the public about violence, visualized it and gave information for help against domestic violence.

Club members were joined by social workers of the institution called Frauenhaus Darmstadt. The Frauenhaus gives abused women a secure place to live, to get out of domestic violence.Zonta Club of Darmstadt.jpg

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