Zonta Club of Vantaa II advocates at local train station to end violence against women


The Zonta Club of Vantaa II, Finland, District 20, put up an exhibition in a suburban commuter train station at the start of the 16 Days of Activism. Club members took two-hour shifts and wore orange sashes to distinguish themselves from the commuters.

The club members handed out leaflets to those in need of a shelter home or support to break off of a violent partnership. They also distributed facts on domestic violence on a national level that many found dumbfounding, as this is a problem some people are not aware of.

The Zontians had interesting, poignant and fruitful encounters. They talked to ladies who softly spoke of their personal experiences and to young women who figured one of their group would statistically be a victim (as every fourth woman is supposed to face domestic violence in Finland), and also to rowdy youngsters who started out being obnoxious but changed their attitude after a friendly talk, and in the end gave them thumbs up.

This Zonta Club of Vantaa II had an excellent experience. They felt we empowered others and likewise got empowered themselves. They helped a woman who still had nightmares 20 years later to seek support, they rose awareness among young people and they said out loud a problem that normally is hushed.

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