Students in Denmark say NO to violence against women

Inspired by the ZontaSaysNo campaign, the Danish District 13 Zonta clubs of Viborg, Silkeborg, Aarhus and Aarhus II invited upper secondary schools in their respective cities to discuss the topic of equal rights and respect between the sexes.


More than 150 students at seven upper secondary schools said yes to the invitation. During the course of November, they spent 

many lessons in English, Danish, social studies or drama working on subjects such as how to say no to physical or mental abuse, how to have ethical behavior on social media, and learning about bullying and mental terror. They also learned about sexist stereotyping and other related topics.

The result was a series of inspiring essays, poems, short stories, video productions, social studies papers and plays. The students presented many of these products on stage to an enthusiastic audience on 24 November at VIA University College in Aarhus.

The Zonta club members said they are grateful to the students for their thought-provoking responses and reflections. Members said the contributions from the students strengthen their faith in humanity and show them clearly just how aware young people are about these issues and about how important it is to say no to physical and mental violence and to fight for gender equality.

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