Zonta Club of Kennemerland-Zuid Area lights local tower orange for 16 Days


The Zonta Club of Kennemerland-Zuid Area, District 29, took part in the 16 Days of Activism by using orange lights to light up a local tower.

The tower of the St. Bavo Church in Haarlem, Netherlands was illuminated with a spectacular orange-colored floodlight.

Club members said they hoped the color would stand out and be recognized as a color meant to warn. Everyone recognizes it as the color of traffic signals which are meant to warn us.

Mayor Jos Wienen kindly connected two orange cables, setting the tower ablaze. Wienen said he was pleased to be present at the opening ceremony, saying: “We do not always realize what is taking place outside the public view, in private relationships. Every year at least 25 women in the Netherlands die as a result of domestic violence. From November 25 until December 10, also Haarlem will pay attention to these problems.”

One may wonder why orange was chosen as the color for this campaign for a hopeful future without violence against women and girls. Club members say the answer is that in orange the colors red, the physical, and yellow, the emotional, are joined.

The tower of the St. Bavo Church remained lit in orange light until 10 December.

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