Zonta clubs in Sweden host webinar with UN Women Sweden on Orange Day

Today, the Zonta clubs in Sweden hosted a joint webinar with UN Women Sweden on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The aim of the webinar was to create awareness that violence against women is still common in Sweden and has even gotten worse during the COVID-19 pandemic with victims being locked in with their perpetrators.

Four prominent speakers shared their knowledge and experience of working with these issues within Swedish organizations and politics, including Juno Blom, Party Secretary for Liberalerna and Member of Parliament, Jonas Trolle, Head of Center Against Pro-Violence Extremism, Maria Björsson, Business Developer at Unizon Girl and Women Shelters, and Omar Makram, Expert and Project Manager at the GAPF Association.

The webinar provided participants with useful tools and knowledge about where to turn to get help to enable them to commit to acting against gender-based violence. Since the webinar was free, the clubs urged participants to instead donate to Zonta International’s project to end child marriage.

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