In the news: A letter to the Editor: Ending gender-Based Violence

As a part of 16 days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, on Saturday, Dec. 5, the Zonta Club of Cape Girardeau will participate in two events to bring awareness to domestic violence. First, we encourage everyone to wear or display orange to draw attention to our campaign. Secondly, we invite the community to stand with us in solidarity at 1 p.m. at Liberty Corner of Capaha Park to be a part of Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women.

Violence against women and girls is one of the most pervasive human rights violations in our world; since the outbreak of COVID-19, evidence has shown that all types of gender-based violence have escalated. Globally, one in three women experience physical or sexual violence inflicted mostly from an intimate partner.

Today, in an analysis of homicide data, our state ranks No. 2 in rates of murder of women by their intimate partners. Enough is enough. Women cannot, and should not have to, fight for their physical and emotional safety. We must unite communities in the global appeal to all governments to end violence against women once and for all.

The Zonta Club of Cape Girardeau urges you help us make positive changes in our communities to stop cyberviolence against women and girls, to put an end to sexual harassment in the workplace, and to speak out when there is no one to speak for a victim. We cannot solve this issue alone; please join us in saying no.

A letter to the editor of the Southeast Missourian from Cheryl Mothes, advocacy chair, Zonta Club of Cape Girardeau (

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