District 31 Zontians join in Taiwan to advocate against gender-based violence

Zontians from District 31 gathered in Changhua County, Taiwan to participate in the child care and new emigration activities on 29 November.

In addition to caring for people with physical and mental disabilities, members from District 31 organized with Changhua New Residents Development Association to hold the Asian Food Cooking Competition, encouraging the new emigrate residents in Taiwan to improve their economic abilities, self confidence and respect multiculturalism.

For the event, which took place during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, Zontians dressed in orange shirts and shouted, “Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women” as they marched.

Through service and advocacy, from awareness to action, the team showed orange power to arouse the attention for standing against gender-based violence and work together to maintain the harmony and progress in Taiwan.

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