Zonta clubs of Bombay I and Bombay III host workshop on domestic violence for young women

On 1 December, the Zonta clubs of Bombay I and Bombay III hosted a virtual activism event conducted by Ms. Reshma Naykodi for young and married women of slums communities in Mumbai and Pune.

During this interactive session, the girls, boldly sharing their experiences, spoke about different types of domestic violence a woman can experience.

Ms. Jyoti Gaikwad talked about domestic violence and the Indian Civil Law of 2005, which gives civil rights to women. District 25 Governor Errick Elavia urged girls to be self-reliant with education and income and to speak out, as silence encourages violence. Other Zontians also encouraged the women and girls and appreciated their bold participation.

Domestic violence is not just in rural areas or urban slums. It is prevalent in educated urban high society too. “Enough is Enough” and violence to women has to be stopped.

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