Zonta Club of Kalmar contributes to Balls of Yarn Against Gender-Related Violence

Since 2014, the Basque organization, Harituz, in Spain has been working on the project – Balls of Yarn Against Gender-Related Violence. The artistic symbol in the form of a giant and ever-growing scarf travels around the world from city to city with the goal that the kilometer-long knitting will one day dress the European Parliament in Brussels. Today, the knitting measures about 5 km. The whole project is about raising awareness and spreading knowledge of violence against women.

At Kalmar Art Museum in Sweden, 2.2 km of the scarf has hung in the museum’s stairwell for a couple of months in 2020, with a standing invitation to everyone to contribute to it. Anyone has been able to contribute to the scarf – anyone who in any way wanted to contribute to raising the issue of and counteracting gender-related violence. When Kalmar Zonta members heard about the project, they wanted to participate. Many Zontians knitted, and it became an 18 meter long knitted scarf! The knitting project ended with all the knitting being sewn together and in total Kalmar contributed just over 144.3 meters! The project attracted a lot of attention and has now spread to other cities.

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