In the News: Zonta Club of Prowers County spreads Zonta Says NO message

This year, as in year’s past, the Zonta Club of Prowers County, a part of Zonta International, is taking part in the 16 day-long Zonta Says No campaign, November 25th through December 16th.

Posters are being distributed to local businesses and a banner asking for support for the Campaign has been set up at the Lamar Welcome Center and Chamber of Commerce, as well as a series of informative chalk messages on the sidewalk blocks in front of the building.

Red sand has also been poured into the cracks along the sidewalks at that site as well as in front of the Lamar Community Building, the City Complex and the Prowers County Courthouse. This is part of the Red Sand Project in which Lamar High School students are participating to heighten community awareness about the causes of human trafficking and exploitation.

The Lamar City Council recently approved a proclamation recognizing the Zonta Says No Campaign and 16 Days of Activism to end Gender Violence from November 25th through December 10th.

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