Zonta Club of Kathmandu produces four short films to raise awareness of gender-based violence

On 25 November, the Zonta Club of Kathmandu, Nepal, launched a campaign to raise awareness on the importance of speaking up against domestic violence, work/public place harassment and child marriage.

Women continue to make up the bulk of victims of abuse but often do not report it due to stigma and fear of not being believed and supported. The Zonta club has produced four short films deliver the vital campaign message – Kahihe kahi hoina, Kahile pani hundaina (“It’s never ever ok”). The videos were produced with financial support from Siddhartha Bank and MG.

The launch was attended by government officials, diplomats, development partners, civil society members, and media.

“Very often we hear people justify violence by saying it happens sometimes, so let it be. These short films deliver the vital message that violence/harassment and child marriages are never okay – not one time, NOT EVER and one must speak up,” said Seema Golchha, the club’s president. “The video, we hope, will encourage victims to seek help and let them know of the helpline options where they can safely call and speak up.”

The videos can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

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