Zontians in District 31 team up for 16 Days of Activism, donate US$44K to help women and girls in Uganda

District 31 board members and leaders support the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign.

Zonta International District 31 (Taiwan) held an online meeting on 5 December for participating in the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Members from 24 clubs wore orange T-shirts, which symbolize the light and future, with the virtual background of Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women, and the hand gesture of “Say NO” to advocate together.

In recent days, one of Taiwan’s female legislators was exposed to violence, which aroused zero tolerance for violence in the society. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan’s Executive Yuan, one out of every five women has experienced intimate partner violence in their lives. In addition to paying attention to own safety, victims should also seek professional assistance, and should stand up bravely to say NO to violence.

During this period, the clubs in Taiwan held activities to say NO to violence in different cities, or to advocate in monthly regular meetings, letting the orange power wild spread in Taiwan, put an end to violence, to maintain social peace and harmony.

On 5 December, the online meeting, “Zonta Gives Love to Uganda~Sewing Machines Donation Ceremony,” was held. This event is in cooperation with the like-minded organization, Love Binti International. Their service mission is consistent with Zonta’s.

Over the past year or so, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members cannot personally send love or give service to Uganda, but their generous dedication fully demonstrates the spirit of respecting and loving of others.

In a speech at the meeting, Sara Liu, chairman of Love Binti International said: “They personally saw the needs of African women.”

District 31 clubs donated US$44,000 within a short period of time to Love Binti to buy 250 sewing machines and some spare parts to help Uganda and remote areas in Africa set up tailor training centers to train women to sew cloth pads for local girls. Fifteen to 20 will be set up at a new training center, while the rest will be distributed in 20 local communities.

Through the micro-loan program, women are encouraged to apply for sewing machine to make cloth pads, dresses or bags. The products they make can be sold through the production and sales platform to help local women learn skills, enhance their economic ability, let the sewing skills turn the family well, and their children can go to school.

District 31 undertakes the service mission of Zonta International and the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, continue to promote gender equality, education quality, health and well-being, etc., and teams up with the like-minded organization to do local and international services.

In 2015, a few young people from Taiwan teamed up to Africa. With the cooperation of churches, local organizations, some international non-governmental organizations and Taiwanese businessmen, the service was started. Three major projects are planned: improving sanitation conditions; improving infrastructure and rural cultivation; and assisting disadvantaged African women in learning skills, economic autonomy, maintaining health and children receiving education.

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