Zonta Club of New Taipei uses scholarship award ceremony to say NO to violence together

The Zonta Club of New Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan), recently held their annual scholarship ceremony at the Caesars Hotel Banqiao. The club handed out three scholarships to 16 students this year. Governor Vivienne Shen attended the event and encouraged the students.

Ms. Li Zimei, the scholarship committee chairman, awarded scholarships to newly immigrated students with unique talents coming from lower-income households this year.

Representatives from the students’ schools attended the event, including the Hungkuo Delin University of Technology chairman, the dean of academic affairs Li Jiande and Jinshuan High School Lai Laizhan.

One student, whose mother is of Maori descent and their father is from New Zealand, gave a speech in the Maori language, English and Chinese. Their speech won unanimous praise from the audience.

Other students also gave a sincere acceptance speech, and they wrote thank you cards to the club members.

The club combined the award ceremony and the Zonta Says NO campaign. The club, students and school representatives all pledged to say NO to violence against women together.

The club looks forward to making society better through Zonta’s announcement and determination.

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