Zonta Club of Vienna Parking provides bags for women in need

Due to the last lockdown in Austria, the Zonta Club of Vienna Parking extended the Zonta Says NO campaign. On 20 and 21 December, a pop-up charity store turned numerous donated bags into money under the motto “Bags Help Women.”

The club raised a respectable 4-digit sum for the violence prevention project StoP – Neighborhoods without Partner Violence in Vienna. StoP is a neighborhood project to prevent partner violence and domestic violence. It has a proven track record of success in Germany over many years, and the Autonomous Women’s Shelters Association in Vienna has coordinated the project since January 2019.

The club chose to support the StoP project, as women and children, in particular, are disproportionately affected by domestic violence. They collected bags of all kinds for the pop-up store over several weeks. The charity store accepts any handbag as long as it is intact and well-maintained. Well-known brand-name bags were especially welcome as they’re always in demand and can be sold for a lot.

The club would like to thank Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna and its team for their generous support for the event.

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