Zonta Club of Cheyenne presents What Were You Wearing sexual assault survivor exhibit

The Zonta Club of Cheyenne, USA, presented a What Were You Wearing sexual assault survivor exhibit at Laramie County Community College from 7 to 11 November.

This impactful display asked viewers to understand that sexual assault is never about clothing. One intent of the exhibit was to release survivors from the burden of self-blame. It also challenged those who viewed the display to reflect on why the myth of connecting clothing and sexual assault continues to exist. The stories used in the exhibit were donated by survivors of sexual assault and were used with their consent. Viewers were asked to see themselves reflected in not only the outfits but also in the stories.

This realization moves one away from blaming the victim for violence and places the responsibility where it belongs, on those who caused the harm. The exhibit was offered in cooperation with Laramie County Community College.

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