Zonta Club of Taichung celebrates 50th club anniversary by kicking off 16 Days of Activism

In honor of its 50th club anniversary, the Zonta Club of Taichung, Republic of China (Taiwan), donated a modified 9-passenger vehicle to Huei-Ming School and Home for Blind Children. The vehicle, which includes five seats and accommodates two wheelchairs, solves the school’s transportation problems from a lack of properly equipped cars. Now, the school can provide more than one route and minimize the need to detour to pick up every student.

The club later celebrate its anniversary with a ceremony. Many other Zonta clubs in the district joined in the festivities, and International President Ute sent them a congratulatory letter and video. A musical play performed by more than ten former club presidents spiced up the celebration.

After the ceremony, the club and its Z and Golden Z clubs held a parade to raise awareness on ending violence against women and children.

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