Zonta Club of Hiidenvesi steps up its awareness activities for Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women

The Zonta Club of Hiidenvesi, Finland, launched a stronger campaign than ever in their small town of Vihti, raising awareness through multiple channels.

Upon entering the town, there is a Zonta says NO to Violence Against Women billboard by the access route. If you take a walk in the center, you cannot miss one of several window displays.

The club also organized an event with the theme “Hope, no violence.” The keynote speaker was an MP who told of her touching childhood experiences with the violent marriage of her parents.

Presenters from the local church and social services gave a good overview of what kind of help is available for those who have a violent relationship. The feelings of hope were further reinforced by the music of local artists.

Additionally, the club engaged 14 prominent supporters from their community—some with a strong local presence like the chief officer municipal manager or the vicar—and some who are nationally well-known. They all stepped up to support the campaign and gave the club permission to use their photo in its campaign communications. These photos have been used in window displays, the local newspaper and in big social media communities reaching approximately 50% of the population.

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