District 30 Enacts “Hands Off of Women” Campaign

Zonta Says NO D30Following an idea set forth by their governor, District 30, Area 03 Zontians teamed up with local men to say “HANDS OFF OF WOMEN” during sporting events (football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, water polo, hockey and curling matches), including athletes and fans.  Together, men and women denounced violence against women, catching the attention of the national media and eventually extending the campaign from the playing fields to shops, penitentiaries and street art.  The campaign continues in the new year.  On the fZonta Says NO D30 IIirst of the year, the Zonta Club of Imperia raised awareness of the issue of violence against women in the seaside town of Alassio, Italy when musicians in a local band played around town while wearing t-shirts with the campaign slogan – “HANDS OFF OF WOMEN”.  Zontians from the 22 clubs have been successful in motivating and including men in their efforts.

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