Zonta Club of Berry works to bring awareness of violence against women

In November 2011 the members of the Zonta Club of Berry were chastising themselves for not doing something positive in our area for the White Ribbon day on November 25th.  As such in March 2012 their Chair of ‘Status of Women’, Fay Lewis went in search of how our Club could advocate against Domestic Violence in our community.   Fay joined the local ‘Domestic Violence Committee’ and later recruited fellow member Megan Cleary to join her.  This committee comprised representatives of the local support agencies including the Police and a very strong Court Support & Advocacy program run by the YWCA.  They receive a small grant of $1,000 from the State Government to run awareness raising activities, but collectively came up with the idea of Cinema Ads to try to reach the general public.  A cinema director was found who responded to a tender and the committee commenced fundraising to cover the costs.  A huge voluntary effort came from the Police department and several agencies (including the Zonta Club of Berry) to project manage the programme.  The committee reached their $18,000 budget and were able to link the launch of the Ad campaign with the White Ribbon week activities to maximise publicity in November 2012.

The Ads can be viewed on YouTube –  they show three typical scenarios of – ‘Stalking’, ‘Physical Control’ and ‘Put Downs’.





The quality of the production was exceptional due to the great fortune in having local (and also International) film director Christopher Collins implementing the brief.  The ad campaign will be shown for the first six months of 2013 for free in cinemas from Wollongong to the border and from Bega to Goulburn and the Highlands.

The Zonta Club of Berry was recognised as adding their support (actions & dollars) with other partner agencies in producing the Cinema Advertising Campaign launched at the Roxy theatre in Nowra on November 25th 2012 (White Ribbon day).


3 thoughts on “Zonta Club of Berry works to bring awareness of violence against women

  1. Congratulations on a great initiative I am using your post as an example to start our club planning for 2013
    Robyn Fague ZC Botany Bay

  2. Congratulations on this and taking a lead in our ‘Zonta says No Campaign’. I would like to show these are our area forums over the next few months. Are you happy for me to do this – you will get full recognition. I am just so impressed.

    All the very best for your campaign
    Maureen Heine
    Governor D16 (New Zealand)

    • Hi Maureen

      Thanks for kind words. Please feel free to use the videos at your events. We would be very pleased to hear feedback.
      Megan Cleary – Zonta Club of Berry

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