Standing Ovations against Violence – Zonta Club of Bremen says “NO”

On Sunday, 10 February 2013, the Zonta Club of Bremen, in District 27, Germany, organized a fund-raiser soirée with the dance theatre performance “March to a different Drummer”.

The club enabled this performance by co-operating with the sophisticated choreographer Christine Witte who worked with 20 children from the Bremen region. These youngsters live the most different social and cultural backgrounds. None of them have any dance experience, let alone stage experience. It is absolutely remarkable how Christine inspires and motivates these teenagers. Within three months of rehearsal they set up a complete stage performance. The young dancers flirt, fight, addict themselves to romance and show their own special world of teenagers between rebellion and adaption. Their language is the dance – modern, African, street dance, hip hop with Togo elements and Arabic melodies.

This project illustrates how to motivate young people by creating feelings of success and help them getting out of lethargy, frustration and aggression – before violence results from it.  The 320 guests were excited about the performance and enthusiastically applauded the dancers, the choreographer and the unique performance. The evening was such an overwhelming success so that a second performance took place on 20 April 2013.

The stage design was created by our club member Karin Friedrichs, a widely known painter.

With the fund-raiser event the Zonta Club of Bremen created a double effect: It enabled the dance project of Christine, the intensive rehearsal work and the stage performance. In addition to that, the revenue of this event was donated to “notruf” (emergency call), a psychological counseling service for women and girls who have suffered rape.

The Zonta Club of Bremen has already been supporting “notruf” and their important work for the last years. Especially their so called “knockout drops project”, which is an affair of the heart of Zonta Bremen. In many cases young people, mostly girls, are knocked out by these drops and then got raped. The persons concerned need uncomplicated, but competent help. “notruf” provides this help, and also runs an information campaign for prevention in schools.

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