16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

Zonta Club of Ibadan II in collaboration with Zonta Club of Ibadan organized a successful rally on 4 December 2012 in Ibadan, Oyo State on preventing and ending violence against women and girls. Professional women groups were invited to take part in the rally, including:

1.    National Association of Women Journalists.
2.    Nigerian Union of Journalists
3.    International Federation of Women Lawyers.
4.    Oyo State Officials Wives Association.

The clubs started with a press release about the rally on 29 November 2012. During the rally, club members went round major streets in Ibadan North and Ibadan North east.

All along the route, the members addressed men, women and girls on the need to end violence against women, using public address systems to explain the purpose of the rally.

Banners with the following inscriptions in English, translated into Yoruba, the local language, and a couple in French were displayed.

  • Zonta says “NO” to Degrading Traditional Practices.
  • Zonta says “NO” to Female Child Labour
  • Zonta says “NO” to Sexual Harassment
  • Zonta says ”NO” to Discrimination in Employment
  • Zonta says “NO” to Violence from Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Zonta says “NO” to Childhood Marriage
  • Zonta says “NO” to Wife Beating
  • Zonta says ‘NO” to Rape
  • Zonta says “NO” to Denial of Female Education
  • Zonta says “NO’ to Negative Cultural Attitude
  • Zonta says “NO” to Female Circumcision

Major Media Houses and Newsprint media in Nigeria with representation in Oyo State carried the news on television, radio and newspapers. It was an effective and successful rally.

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