42 French Clubs campaign together for great impact

There are 42 Zonta clubs in France, which belong to the three different districts :27, 29, 30. The campaign “Zonta says NO” retained the attention of all French Zonta clubs, and each club prepared demonstrations to highlight the work of the clubs in the fight against violence against women.

To have a better visibility of Zonta at their country’s level, each of the French clubs have decided to adopt the same communication support, including the same bill in French language explanatory leaflets of the Zonta Says NO campaign, the orange ribbon and the orange band.

Local and regional media have been contacted by clubs as well as national media  has been informed by the french area advocacy representatives of the three districts.

Club member have noticed that according the courts, the perpetrators of martial violence do not receive sentences of equal importance. So the Zonta clubs have decided to create an online petition so that justice is fair on the french territory.

This petition will be presented at the end of activism period to the minister of women’s rights and to the minister of justice in the french government

affiche zonta says no définitive 



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