The Zonta Club of Tübingen joins open talk in community about prostitution

On Sunday 24 November, the Zonta Club of Tübingen  joined an open talk with a social worker, two police officers in responsible positions concerning problems of prostitution, and a filmmaker who showed his movie,’Women as a merchandise’.

The title of the open talk was ‘Forced prostitution because of poorness’, which was chosen because European borders are open between west and east, and some young women especially from very poor regions in eastern Europe, are sent away by their families to make money in Germany through prostitution. These activities are hard to be controlled even through law, but it seems that prostitution exist like in a subculture.

At their own table, the Zonta Club of Tübingen had the opportunity to explain to the public about the Zonta says NO action and Zonta’s regional, national  international activities.


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