Zonta Clubs of Düsseldorf, Niers-Schwalm-Nette deliver message to bakery customers


A serious topic transported with a twinkle in the eye, that’s what has been achieved by the two Zonta Düsseldorf clubs and the Zonta Club of Niers-Schwalm-Nette. 

The slogan just underneath the campaign logo translates from German with: “Violence against women won’t be put in our paper bags”, meaning: VAW is totally unacceptable for us.



On 23 November, the Zontians offered paper bags with sweet rolls to passers-by in return for a donation and engaged them in dialogues about VAW. The proceeds go to a well-known Düsseldorf organization that provides practical help and consultancy for women who experience violence.







Around 25 November, the top local bakery sold bakery goods in thousands of paper bags with this imprint. The German-wide VAW hotline is also present on the bags.




Watch a video of this event below:

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