A Joint Initiative by Zonta Clubs of Bombay I & III with SNEHA, Say NO to Violence


Zonta Club of Bombay III has been closely working with SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action), an NGO which works in slums of Mumbai to rehabilitate women who were victims of violence, ensures safe births, reduced malnutrition of young children, and empowers adolescent girls with sexual & reproductive health education.  The club has been supporting prevention of violence against women and children, maternal & new-born health, and gender and sex education of school girls. The club has also sponsored workshop and had interactive sessions with young girls of Seva Sadan Society, an NGO working for the young orphan girls and women. 

During the 16 days activism period to end violence against women, Zonta Club of Bombay I & III, jointly with SNEHA, held a program on 9 December at the Community Hall of the Dharavi slums of Mumbai. The activism messages were conveyed to about 300 men & women, young & old, through skits, dance and songs.  Sanginis (women volunteers of SNEHA) depicted how domestic violence was checked through counseling by SNEHA.  Young boys and girls mimed sexual violence on a young girl and how the rapist was punished.  In a reality show, two victims shared their stories on how SNEHA helped them with their problems and rehabilitated them and in turn they were now working as Sangini volunteers. Men from the slums also showed the role of a man in a happy family.  Zontians participated in the program and explained the focus area of Zonta International, appreciated their effort.

The President of Lions Club of Cuffe Parade, Mumbai with his members attended the program and assured of his support through the media.

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