Zonta Says No in the Italian jails: A book with convicts’ considerations of VAW

On 25 November, a minute of silence has been observed in all Italian jails to commemorate the women victims of violence. The Ministry of Justice’s Department of Penitentiary Administration initiative follows the understanding that the Department of Penitentiary Administration of Piedmont and the Aosta Valley has come to with Zonta Club Torino.
On 17 November, “La Drola”, a team made up of inmates, played a rugby match against the Ivrea team in the “Lorusso e Cutugno” jail in Torino, with the players wearing bibs bearing the campaign slogan ZONTA SAYS NO – GIU’ LE MANI DALLE DONNE (hands off of women) as well as observing a minute of silence. A series of other actions for awareness regarding violence towards women followed this initiative, as but not only, the minute of silence in all Italian jails on 25 November.

The Piedmont and Aosta Valley Department continues to involve the convicts in actions regarding this topic. From 25 November to 25 December, all inmates are asked to write down their thoughts and considerations about femicide and every other form of violence against women. In 2014, the most interesting ones – one for each woman fallen victim to feminicide between 25 November 2012 and 25 November 2013 – will be published in a book. 

Governor of Zonta International District 30, Nadia Biancato, has visited 3 Piedmontese jails together with Oria Trifoglio, President of ZC Alessandria. They met with the inmates of the two jails in their city Alessandria and discussed the subject, agreeing on the fact that violence against women has to be opposed by men and women together, by changing the mentality, because violence is a cultural problem: violence occurs when a woman is conceived as a property, a commodity, when the freewill of the other is not respected. Some of the inmates handed over their writings on this occasion. One of them comes to the conclusion: “We are all children of women”.

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