“PASS it on” with the Zonta e-Club of Silicon Valley

82bd972d-c9e1-436e-ac96-c36bc8361429[1]The Zonta e-Club of Silicon Valley kicked off their Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign simultaneously with the start of the NFL football season in the US.

The club created “advocacy in a box” with their “PASS it on” party pack. The kit includes a soft football, inflatable “wide receiver”, 48 true/false football “fact” cards with 8 that are about domestic violence and human trafficking and a four page Party Planning Guide. The purpose is to stimulate social media use with posts/tweets etc.

By targeting their audience as football fans, especially men and millennials, in a casual setting, they developed this activity as a “play and learn” game for the general public.

This kit is available for North American Zonta clubs through www.zontasv.org.

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