Zonta Club of Bombay III & Sneha Say ‘NO’ to Violence with Power of Education



The Zonta Club of Bombay III, jointly with Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action (SNEHA) hosted their activism 2016 project of ‘Say No to Violence with Power of Education – Our Daughter, Our Strength.’ Two movies conveying girl/women’s achievements with education and videos on domestic violence & sexual harassments were shown to eight communities of four slums of Mumbai.


The final program, attended by 160+ Sanginies (women volunteers of SNEHA) and Zontians, was held on 7 November 2016 at the Hall of SNEHA at Chhota Sion Hospital next to Dharavi Slums. Seven groups of Sanginies with songs, enactments, statements and a fashion show with placards conveyed the messages learned by them through watching movies and videos:

  • Break silence, Silence will break you
  • Ring bell to intervene
  • Do not be spectators, Speak out
  • In need use helpline
  • Do not stop girls from studying
  • Education is our Power
  • Be educated to educate others
  • Be prepared for Digital India
  • Stop Trafficking of girls
  • Sexual harassment, Domestic Violence, Call Sanginis for help
  • Nariyan jag jaye to Samaj badal jaye’ (If women are awakened, mindset of Society will change)
  • Respect of women, the essence of India’s Sanskriti (Culture).


The purpose of the project was to convey to men, as well as women, the importance of education and social and legal awareness for girls and women. Zonta Club of Bombay III President Roshni Meherhomji and Mahazaver Dalal appreciated endeavors of Sanginies.


Call of the club banner was: Say No to violence with Power of Education – Our Daughter’s Education, Our progress – Our Daughter, Our Strength’. To symbolize the message orange pens with Hindi message ‘Hamari Beti, Hamari Shakti’ were given to all Sanginies. They will be the catalysts to spread the awareness with Zonta’s message in the communities of slums and to be there in need to help and guide.


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