The Zonta Club Punta del Este – Maldonado works to change mentality, end violence against women


The Zonta Club Punta del Este – Maldonado launched on 25 November a campaign as part of the 16 Days of Activism.

Zontians wanted to be present making their community aware of how urgent it is to work to prevent and avoid the violence against women and Girls , changing the mentality of the citizens. Members decided to make a poster with a picture not only of our members, but with the help of a group of young men ready to take part of the “Zonta Says NO” campaign.

The club chose the local Rugby Club Lobos, because most people think that rugby is a very violent and aggressive sport, but the perception is wrong. Rugby has strong moral values, shows the young how to transform weakness in strength (as Zontians try to do at the Zonta Center of Help for Women under Domestic Violence), teaches respect and ethics that the players follow in the rugby field and during all their lives. So members made the picture joining rugbiers and Zontians under the sign of: Real Men only rise their voices to defend Women.

At Zonta Punta del Este – Maldonado, members are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN and they say they will keep doing that to improve lives through service and advocacy.

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